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Que la fuerza te acompañe…

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As the summer winds down, I again am feeling re-energized and excited about the upcoming school year.  I enjoyed a wonderful summer with family and friends, but forcecan’t wait to get back into our daily routine.  I am excited to meet my new students as well as see all of the many familiar faces!  Like so many teachers, I moved to a new classroom during the last week of school, so my new home is Room #241 (2nd to last room on the left, 2nd floor, blue wing).  I’m teaching Spanish 1 CPS/Honors, Spanish 4 CPS, Spanish 4 Honors and The Latin American Experience.

On this blog, I will be posting pictures, videos, and updates of what we are up to in class.  I am truly looking forward to an amazing year!

Author: Sra. Moloney

High School Spanish teacher (since 1995) : World Language Department Chair @ Nipmuc Regional HS ~ lover of all things Golden Girls and #catsintights #niplang @sramolo

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