La Clase de la Sra. Moloney

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It’s here! Google Calendar

Hey parents and students – Interested in what tonight’s homework is?  Now, you can be updated right through Google Calendar!  Google Classroom is now linked with Google Calendar!  Click on the links below to check out the new calendar and sync your student’s homework calendar to your cell phone or tablet.
Spanish I – F Block
Spanish 4CPS – G Block
Spanish 4H – A Block
Spanish 4H – B Block
Latin American Experience – D Block 


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Music is the international language…

What better way is there to learn another language than through music?  Utilizing, students are listening to and learning songs in Spanish class and having lots of fun doing it!

Through the use of various levels of cloze activities, students discern the lyrics through listening skills alone and develop an ear for the distinct sounds of Spanish. Try it out for yourself!  There are loads of languages to chose from!

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Creamos etiquetas de Twitter!

twitter-hashtagEach Spanish class had the task of creating its own #hashtag for Twitter.  Each entry had to consider the class block and level and a form of my last name.  Students wrote them on their desks and then voted. Here are our winners!!!

A Block Spanish 4 Honors – #amoloespanolo4H
B Block Spanish 4 Honors – #buenomolo4h
D Block – Latin American Experience – #molaxed
F Block Spanish I CPS/Honors – #guacamoloespanoloF1
G Block Spanish 4 CPS – #moloneybologna4GCPS

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¿Por qué construimos una torre de mondadientes y malvaviscos?

malvaviscos 1Lots of first-day Spanish fun with team-building exercises today.  Students worked in random groups to see who could create the tallest toothpick marshmallow tower.

What does this have to do with learning a world language, you ask?  Here are some of our student’s responses:

“To learn how to work with others”
“Communicate and collaborate”
“To change and adapt a plan when something isn’t working”
“To make connections…literally”

All great answers!  Learning a language is all about making connections in the community and also learning how to work effectively with others.  I think they got it!