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To be or not to be…

In Spanish, there are two verbs that mean “to be” – SER and ESTAR.  Each verb has distinct uses but their proper application can often be confusing.  In Spanish I, we are currently focusing on the verb ESTAR and its use with prepositions of location.  In order to practice ESTAR in context, students  are utilizing Book Creator and Notability to design and create some wonderful “Where is__________”  audio children’s books.   Check out a few below!




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¿Quieres bailar conmigo?

They say music is the universal language…  The students in Spanish IV can tell you that!

Spanish culture has a rich history of diverse music and ecclectic dance.  From salsa to bachata, the tango to the cumbia, Spanish dance is a fascinating source of cultural pride and personal expression.  So…how do you actually LEARN a Spanish dance?

Level 4 students have been exploring what a “mood” is in a language and how important it is to be able to utilize these “moods” to communicate effectively and authentically.  The imperative mood is the “command” mood, where we ask or instruct others to do something.  What better use of the imperative mood than to teach others how to dance! Utilizing the formal commands in Spanish, students were asked to create “How-to” videos outlining the specific steps of a particular Latin dance.  Students needed to demonstrate their technology skills by integrating slow-motion video, voice-over, and English subtitles. Check out the student samples below and maybe even give these dances a try!