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What can you do in Spanish?  For many years, students were assessed on what they knew about the language, not what they could actually do in the target language.  The World Language department at Nipmuc recognizes that the goal of language acquisition is to facilitate communication.  Although accuracy and grammar are important factors in learning a language, the essential objective is to convey your thoughts, needs, ideas, and opinions to others.

So, how are we progressing towards this goal?

In Spanish II, students are creating “Chatterpix” talking photos, utilizing direct object pronouns and idiomatic expressions with infinitives.



In Spanish I, students are creating Spanish calendars and presenting their work entirely in the target language!  Students will be able to identify and describe each month’s season, related holidays, and classmates’ birthdays.  Additionally, students will be able to articulate the number of days and weeks on each month.

In Spanish IV, students are beginning their term projects.  Students will be running for president of a Latin American country and their task is to identify (3) social issues of importance and discuss how they might address these issues in their role as president. Students will be integrating the present, preterite, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses to create a fun, creative interactive poster in palet_150pxlino-it-app-logo, or other technology tool.  In addition students will embed a 60-second political commercial clearly articulating their campaign’s message of change.

Author: Sra. Moloney

High School Spanish teacher (since 1995) : World Language Department Chair @ Nipmuc Regional HS ~ lover of all things Golden Girls and #catsintights #niplang @sramolo

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