La Clase de la Sra. Moloney

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Change is in the air as summer turns to fall.  Now that we have all settled into the day-to-day routine, students have been engaged in creative projects and learning new and exciting things.

The Latin American Experience student groups have nearly all made a connection within the local Latino community and have begun work on their student blogs, Spanish language interviews, and highlight posters.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


A new and unique opportunity is being offered this year!  As an Independent Study course, senior Spanish Immersion students can serve as teaching assistants to the elementary schools.   Students create and write detailed lesson plans, engage in group activities with various classes, and differentiate their instruction to best suit student learning.  Our 2 Spanish Immersion Teaching Assistants, Dallas and Taylor, are hard at work creating autumn-themed lesson plans by creating exemplars of acrostic poems.



Their supervising instructor, Sra. Cardamone says:

“Taylor and Dallas did a great job preparing for this lesson. They included a list of necessary and enrichment vocabulary. They also prepared a model of a competed acrostic poem that inspired the students to produce quality final copies of the poems. Talyor and Dallas began the lesson well by engaging all students with questions. They activated prior knowledge by reviewing what a poem was and brainstorming fall vocabulary with the students. When students ran out of ideas, they prompted the class with different themes in which to generate words. During the lesson they circulated among the students answering questions and checking the kids’ progress.”