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Día de los Muertos – Virtual Ofrendas

Students in Spanish II Honors are creating “virtual ofrendas” utilizing Notability/SketchBook Pro and/or Glogster and creating a spoken narrative using direct and indirect object pronouns.  These narratives focus on expressing likes, dislikes, feelings, and opinions.


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Celebrando el Día de los Muertos

Perhaps one of my favorite cultural topics is “The Day of the Dead” or “el Día de los Muertos”.  With its rich symbolism, vast history, and colorful celebrations, el Día de los Muertos is a great opportunity to get students excited about Hispanic culture and engaged in utilizing the target language to create personal narratives .  Students “app-smashed” 2 apps –  “Day of the Dead Me” and “Notability” – to recreate themselves as Mexican sugar skulls or “afeniques”.  Students then answered a series of targeted grammar questions and recorded themselves recounting their “new identities” as spiriits of the afterlife. They did an amazing job!

FullSizeRender  IMG_0555

In addition, students also created traditional “papel picado”, or cut paper in celebration of el Día de los Muertos.

IMG_0556  IMG_0557