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Día de los Muertos – Virtual Ofrendas

Students in Spanish II Honors are creating “virtual ofrendas” utilizing Notability/SketchBook Pro and/or Glogster and creating a spoken narrative using direct and indirect object pronouns.  These narratives focus on expressing likes, dislikes, feelings, and opinions.


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To be or not to be…

In Spanish, there are two verbs that mean “to be” – SER and ESTAR.  Each verb has distinct uses but their proper application can often be confusing.  In Spanish I, we are currently focusing on the verb ESTAR and its use with prepositions of location.  In order to practice ESTAR in context, students  are utilizing Book Creator and Notability to design and create some wonderful “Where is__________”  audio children’s books.   Check out a few below!




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Un suéter navideño feo

sweater 1.jpg

What is better than an ugly Christmas sweater to make the holidays fun!?  In Spanish class, we are designing mystery ugly Christmas sweaters on the Ipad in Notability and then writing descriptive narratives.  After switching and reading each other’s mystery descriptions, students are recreating them on sweater-shaped cookies in frosting!sweater2

We are using this fun (and delicious!) activity as a summative assessment on adjectives, ser, tener, colors, shapes, agreement, and verb conjugations.  Here are some samples of students’ personalized “ugly” sweaters!  Stayed tuned for pictures of the cookie-decorating next week!