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World Language Honor Societies

This year, the Nipmuc World Language Department is proud to announce the establishment of (3) world language national honor societies in celebration of achievement in the following languages:

spanish-flagSpanish (The Jorge Luis Borges – Nipmuc Regional Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) sponsored by the AATSP – The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

france-flag-2French (Société Honoraire de Français) sponsored by AATF – The American Association of Teachers of French.

itItalian (The Maria Montessori Chapter of Società Onoraria Italica) sponsored by the AATI – The American Association of Teachers of Italian.

These honor societies are based on academic credentials (overall unweighted GPA of 80 and world language GPA of 85 for Honors/90 for CPS) with a “faculty advocate” signing off in support of student character and integrity.  Students must have completed 2 full credits of a world language and be enrolled in a language class at time of application/induction.

Students will:

  • APPLY – Students submit application with school counselor, current world language instructor, and faculty advocate signatures (and one-time $10 fee). Applicants also will complete a “student reflection “Padlet” digital portfolio commenting on their Passion, Perseverance, and Participation in their world language studies.  Digital portfolio is written in English and includes an embedded personal statement video in the target language.
  • INDUCT – An induction will be held in March.  Family, friends, and community members will be invited.  
  • RECOGNIZE – Students will be recognized with an official certificate from their respective national honor society affiliate.
  • CELEBRATE – Students, family, friends, and the community are invited to celebrate at an informal coffee/pastry reception immediately following the induction.
  • REWARD – Students receive official honor society cords to wear at graduation.

Students who earn membership into these national honor societies have opportunities to:
– Win scholarships
– Enter poster contests
– Take on a leadership role in local chapter (president, vice president, E-Board, etc.)
– Submit student writing/art work to journals for publication
– Earn other awards and recognition

Sample “Padlet” digital portfolios:

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Nipmuc Showcase

This Tuesday, the World Language Department had a great night at the Nipmuc Showcase, welcoming families and students from all across the Blackstone Valley.  We enjoyed meeting so many new people and welcomed their many questions!  We are extremely proud of our department and the many advances we have made in skills-based assessment and technology integration.  We LOVE to tell potential students (or pretty much, anyone who will listen) about the creative things we do!


To add a bit of fun to the evening, we employed the screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-11-15-14-am app and watched the kids get a good laugh! We set up an IPad  for each language with signs telling people to take a look. When their curiosity got the best of them and they peeked into the IPad, they found that their faces had been “painted” with the country colors of Italy, France, or Spain.  It was hilarious watching people’s reactions!  It also was a great way to break the ice and start a conversation about the benefits of world language acquisition in a global economy.



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Una Bandera Habladora

Picture this… The World Cup has come to your city and you are a soccer super fan!  You want to tell the world all about your favorite team and its country of origin.  Our Spanish II classes are becoming soccer “super fans” and utilizing the present tense and adjective agreement to describe their countries.  Students even get decked out in “virtual” face paint!  Students must replicate their country’s flag, and answer the following questions in the target language.  Students then video their oral narratives wearing fan “face paint” in the colors of their nation’s flag by integrating the photo filter application “Nissan Die Hard Fan”.



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Sticky Sentences… We Need Your Help!

At all levels in language learning, we utilize what we call “sticky sentences” or scrambled sentences to reinforce grammar topics and aid in their integration in context.  In some instances, students cut out each sentence component and manipulate them on the carpet to facilitate collaboration and group input.  Other times, students use them as as a guide to create structured expressions and draw pictures that represent their meaning.


Some kids LOVE them; other kids DON’T, but they work and they are a great way to assess comprehension and application of abstract grammar topics.  So, why do we need YOUR help?

We are looking for a way (READ: NOT labor intensive) to transfer this type of activity to the IPads, so that students can manipulate the words/sentence fragments quickly and easily to both facilitate learning and to compare and contrast various language structures.  As an instructor, I would need to be able to “push” out a list/grid of words that all students could utilize to create their sentences.  Some IPad apps we have already thought of/tried without much success are:

Poetry Creator
Word Mover
Instant Poetry 2
Social Poetry
Sticky Words
Fridge Poems
Google Slides

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that could help us?  Are you a computer coder, engineer, or just all-around genius and would like to create an app for us?  Let us know and get in touch at:   Thanks!

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Target Language Talk

What can you do in Spanish?  For many years, students were assessed on what they knew about the language, not what they could actually do in the target language.  The World Language department at Nipmuc recognizes that the goal of language acquisition is to facilitate communication.  Although accuracy and grammar are important factors in learning a language, the essential objective is to convey your thoughts, needs, ideas, and opinions to others.

So, how are we progressing towards this goal?

In Spanish II, students are creating “Chatterpix” talking photos, utilizing direct object pronouns and idiomatic expressions with infinitives.



In Spanish I, students are creating Spanish calendars and presenting their work entirely in the target language!  Students will be able to identify and describe each month’s season, related holidays, and classmates’ birthdays.  Additionally, students will be able to articulate the number of days and weeks on each month.

In Spanish IV, students are beginning their term projects.  Students will be running for president of a Latin American country and their task is to identify (3) social issues of importance and discuss how they might address these issues in their role as president. Students will be integrating the present, preterite, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses to create a fun, creative interactive poster in palet_150pxlino-it-app-logo, or other technology tool.  In addition students will embed a 60-second political commercial clearly articulating their campaign’s message of change.