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3, 2, 1…..Are You Ready?

Well, all good things must come to an end. The new school year is upon in just 2 short days. I truly hope you have enjoyed your summer and that you return to the classroom refreshed and reinvigorated for the year ahead. I am looking forward to reconnecting with past students and am excited to meet some new faces in my classes this year (and quite excited to send my 2 cherubs back to school as well). Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.19.12 PM

I always like to start every year with a “theme” in mind upon which I build my goals and class activities.  This year, my unofficial theme is “OBSTACLES”.  If you are in one of my classes this year, be ready on Day #1 for an interesting and pretty fun team-building exercise, filled with changing conditions and unexpected obstacles.  See you Wednesday!

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Like We Never Left…

It is Day 7 and it feels like we never left.  In just 7 school days, we have gotten back into the swing of things and so much is happening!  This year it is all about SKILLS!  Our goal is for students to leave each class with a real-life skill that they can use at home, at their after school-job, or anywhere out in the community.

Spanish I already can say and spell their first and last names, tell where they are from and how they feel!  The can give and respond to greetings and know their alphabet in Spanish!

Spanish II Honors can easily use the present tense to narrate their lives and communicate details about their surroundings.  They also can describe and articulate their needs and opinions in the target language. (Oh, and they are quite talented singers as well…)

Spanish IV has mastered the present tense and are starting work on narrating in the past and describing their histories.  They also will begin learning about the origins of the Spanish language and the many cultures that have contributed to its development.

Latin American Experience is studying what it means to be Latino, Hispanic, and Spanish and how each are different.  They are just about ready to head out into the community to make some connections and to get a first-hand account of the vast challenges and obstacles immigrants face as they come to the Unites States.

It is going to be an AMAZING year!  Stay tuned…